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Fusion, Avante, Sit-Down 16

Call to set up a play date and test drive the Avante with Pro-Stitcher.     (516) 749-4427

Interested in Computerized Quilting?? 

Handiquilter Pro-Stitcher

Intergrated computerized quilting for Handiquilter Machines

(hardware and software)

Call today to try your hand at computerized quilting (516) 749-4427

Call to set up a play date to test drive the A-1 Elite!     (516) 749-4427

Professional Machine Quilting Services

Edge to Edge Prices start @ .025 psi (per square inch) multiple width X length then multiple X by .025 for price

Semi-Custom     Prices start @ .035 psi

Custom              Prices start @ .045 psi 

Other services available binding, batting, basting - Call to set up an appointment    (516) 749-4427

T-Shirt Quilts Memory Quilts

What are you going to do with all those T-Shirts you have saved through-out the years?

Kids sports teams, racing T-shirts, vacation T-s, Camp shirts, the list goes on and on.....

Well, we can turn them into quilts, memories to last a lifetime!!

They make great gifts for everyone!!!!

Call for an appointment!!!

(516) 749-4427